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Should You Repair or Replace Your Business Phone System?
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Should You Repair or Replace Your Business Phone System?

When running a small business, having a reliable business phone system is essential for effective communication with your customers and clients. However, with the growth of technology, business owners need to stay on top of their telecommunications equipment and be aware when components start to deteriorate in performance.

On one hand, an outdated business phone system can leave customers frustrated and drive away business. On the other hand, too frequent or non-essential replacements can negatively impact the bottom line, not to mention stretch out your telecommunications budget.

Knowing when it’s appropriate to repair or replace your business phone system can be difficult for small business owners to assess, especially if they have limited telecommunications experience.

Let’s take a look at when you should replace your business phone system, compared to when only routine maintenance and repair work is needed.

Schedule Routine Phone System Inspections

The simplest solution would be to regularly inspect your business phone system and perform maintenance work as needed. This may include quarterly testing of hardware such as headsets or handsets to make sure they are functioning properly, resetting the business phone system without replacing it, or updating software and firmware.

With minor repairs and maintenance, business owners can often extend their business phone systems with minimal cost. But without enlisting the services of an expert to weigh in their opinion with a thorough equipment inspection, it can be hard to determine when a full-on replacement is absolutely necessary.

Performance Is Frequently Compromised

A routine phone system inspection might unveil a few blemishes in your telecommunications equipment that can easily be resolved via repair. However, if business owners are experiencing frequent malfunctions or performance issues with their business phone system, such as poor sound quality, dropped calls, or lack of scalability for more users, then replacement may be a more viable option.

One or two hiccups in your communication performance is certainly nothing to panic over. But if you’re experiencing a variety of such communication issues, then it’s probably time to upgrade your equipment and invest in a brand new business phone system.

Lacking Modern Technology and Features

Another sign that you might benefit from a full-on phone system replacement is if you’re lacking technological features and accessories that have become the norm for modern business phone systems. For starters, not being able to utilize cloud-based technology or lacking in video conference call capabilities is a sign that your current phone system is probably a tad dated.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) business phone systems are the modern standard today and offer features like automatic call routing and secure communications that traditional business phone systems do not have.

Additionally, investing in a new business phone system can save money in the long run, as fewer repairs are required due to updated hardware and software.

Trust Telecom Technologies With All Your Business Phone Needs

Ultimately, business owners must assess their business phone system and decide when it makes sense to repair or replace it. At Telecom Technologies, we specialize in telecommunications repair and maintenance services, as well as helping you find the perfect replacement phone system to optimize your communication needs.

Looking for a phone system upgrade? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our team of telecommunication technicians!

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