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Maintenance & Repair

Telecom Technologies, Inc.

Telecom Equipment Maintenance & Repair Services in the Twin Cities

  • Over 30 Years of Repair & Maintenance to Telecommunications equipment
  • Reliable and state of the art facilities
  • Proud Government contractor with replacement programs
  • Certified Technicians in the Twin Cities Metro
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Whether you need immediate business phone system repairs or you’re interested in extending the longevity of your telecommunications equipment, Telecom Technologies is your Twin Cities resource for exceptional telecom maintenance and repair services!

For over 30 years, our expert technicians have offered reliable repair and refurbishment assistance to businesses looking to enhance the value of their telecommunications products and gear. And as a GSA certified telecom retailer and supplier, you can rest assured your equipment is in good hands when you choose to utilize our maintenance services. Contact us today to request a demo of our repair work process!

Save Time & Money With Professional Telecom Repair

Telecom workers servicing communication equipment

At Telecom Technologies, we take our reputation as a dependable Twin Cities telecom provider seriously, which is why our goal is to ensure your business experiences the best performance possible from your telecommunications equipment.

We boast a roster of certified repair technicians as well as our own innovative refurbishment lab facility, equipping us with the necessary training, tools, and resources to proficiently repair or replace your faulty business phone system or any other technical issues you’re experiencing with your telecom equipment.

Our vast range of telecom repair services includes:

  • In-house assessments and technical evaluations in our state-of-the-art testing and refurbishing facility
  • Specialized repair for a wide variety of telecom products, such as business phone systems, batteries, headsets, rectifiers, inverters and converters, circuit packs, receivers, transceivers, and more!
  • Component level diagnostics and troubleshooting practices for precise root cause analysis
  • Innovative testing equipment engineered to detect specific design flaws and highlight potential areas of improvements
  • Rapid turnaround times on all repair and refurbishing projects, as well as advanced replacement warranty options

No matter what’s wrong with your telecom equipment, we’ll be able to identify the problem and return it back to you, good as new! Be sure to read our testimonials to see just how satisfied our previous clients were with our telecom maintenance and repair services.

Reap the Benefits of Top Quality Refurbished Telecom Equipment

What if you could save money and the environment by investing in top quality telecommunications equipment? At Telecom Technologies, that’s exactly what we specialize in, with our innovative telecom equipment refurbishing services!

Our staff of expert technicians engages in a rigorous refurbishing process on all telecom products we receive, utilizing our innovative repair technologies and laboratories to revitalize equipment until it performs as fast, if not faster, as it did before!

In addition to expanding the longevity and performance of your telecommunications equipment, our refurbishing services will provide you with a vast array of advantages.

Cost Efficiency

Why spend more money on replacing telecom equipment when you can simply spend less on fixing the products you already own? You’ll be amazed at how much money your business will save when our repair specialists work their magic on your equipment and return it back to you in no time.

Protective Warranties

Not only will your telecom equipment gain a new life, but you can have peace of mind knowing that if something else should happen to it in the future, our protective warranties will provide you with coverage on any necessary repair or replacement costs!

Maximum Value

Maximum value and efficiency mean superior product performance. The less you have to worry about faulty telecom equipment setting your business back, the more you can stay focused on all your immediate tasks at hand.

Equipment Buy-Back

In addition to selling top quality refurbished telecom equipment, we also buy any used telecommunications products you have lying around the office! Our telecom equipment buy-back options provide you with a fair price on any products or gear you no longer use, so we can work hard on revitalizing your equipment and finding it a new home.

Go Green

Our refurbishing services mean that your telecom equipment won’t be thrown out and occupying space at a landfill. Refurbishing telecommunications products means recycling them while helping your business go green and cut down on landfill contribution.

Superior Telecom Maintenance & Repair From Telecom Technologies

At the end of the day, our goal is to make sure your business gets the most performance and value from your telecommunications equipment. When you need cost-effective repair and maintenance solutions that will maximize workplace efficiency and productivity, contact Telecom Technologies today for high performance telecommunications solutions, or give us a call at 651.456.5800 to speak directly with one of our repair technicians.

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