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As the way teachers lead their classrooms continues to evolve, the need for establishing more reliable, accommodative, and flexible communication technologies only strengthens. At Telecom Technologies, we equip education centers in the Twin Cities area with the necessary telecommunications tools, resources, and infrastructures they need to keep students, parents, and educators in the loop, providing opportunities to make vital adjustments when called for.

From sprawling campuses to kindergarten classrooms, educational facilities of all sizes can benefit from improved telecommunications solutions. Contact us today to request an evaluation!

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Keeping Students & Teachers as Connected as Possible

Whether your educational facilities require video conferencing and a cloud based phone system to accommodate remote learning or you’re looking to boost your school’s line of defense with state of the art security and surveillance systems, Telecom Technologies has the custom telecommunications solutions to upgrade your communication and safety.

Our Process

Our team of professionally trained technicians will perform an on-site assessment of your current telecommunications infrastructure, evaluating any possible areas of improvement that could benefit from our selection of top quality telecom products from our premier partner affiliates.

Once we’ve established the best courses of action moving forward, we’ll work quickly to install any new telecommunications systems or network infrastructures designed to enhance your campus or school’s communications and connectivity performance.

Our Services

Our telecommunications services include:

  • Exclusive discounts on brand new or completely refurbished telecom equipment, such as business phone systems, headsets, conference, networking equipment, and other telecommunications accessories
  • Vast inventory on all the industry-leading telecommunications brands, such as Intermedia, RingCentral, Poly, Yealink, and more!
  • Cloud or premise based phone systems designed to accommodate your connectivity and accessibility requirements
  • Video conferencing equipment and systems engineered for optimal remote or mobile learning
  • Low voltage wiring and structured cabling options to integrate and organize your communication network systems
  • Maintenance and repair services to restore your current telecommunications equipment
  • Advanced Replacement Program enrollment options to repair or replace any faulty or inefficient telecommunications equipment
  • Office planning evaluations to layout the most convenient, accessible network wiring or cabling systems possible

Communication is the foundation of effective education. When you need telecommunications solutions to unlock your campus or school’s communicative potential, be sure to schedule a free evaluation with us and see how we can help improve your education center’s connectivity and productivity!

Detect & Prevent Student Vaping on Campus

One of the most pressing matters educators face today is exploring new preventative solutions that can help curb the teenage vaping epidemic. In recent years, vaping and e-cigarette use in students has risen by 1,000 percent, contributing to a variety of potential health issues ranging from addiction, to lung complications, to brain development harm, and more.

An emerging solution for detecting and preventing student vaping on school campuses has been the evolution of vape-sensoring technology. One of our premier partners Verkada has been leading the way in campus vape detection with their innovative SV11 Environmental Sensor, now available to purchase through Telecom Technologies. The SV11 Environmental Sensor allows schools to proficiently monitor and ultimately prevent campus vaping, through a number of distinct vape detection tools and features, such as:

  • Onboard sensors that instantly identify the presence of vaping or smoking, measured on a scale of 1 to 100
  • Custom vape or smoke threshold settings that issue real-time alerts, via SMS or email
  • Create lists of select faculty or on-campus security members to respond quickly and accordingly
  • Pairing options for any Verkada camera to combine visual evidence with sensory data to effectively enforce anti-vaping policies
  • Provide other insightful sensory information, including Air Quality Index, Humidity, Temperature, Noise Decibel Levels, Motion Detection, and more

If you’re trying to curb student vaping on your campus, look no further than the innovative detection technologies standard in Verkada’s SV11 Environmental Sensor. Contact Telecom Technologies today to learn more about all of the revolutionary security and sensory products Verkada has to offer!

Why Choose Telecom Technologies?

Experience is the ultimate teacher. At Telecom Technologies, we have over 25 years of experience in helping Twin Cities businesses receive the telecommunications resources they need to keep everyone on the same page.

As a woman owned and locally operated enterprise, we take pride in aiding other businesses in our communities, especially our neighborhood’s schools and campuses, where optimal communication is an absolute must to ensure everyone receives access to the education they deserve.

When you choose Telecom Technologies to equip you with innovative telecommunications equipment and solutions, you’ll be working with a company that can offer you the following benefits.

Esteemed Credentials

Telecom Technologies is a GSA-certified business, meaning that we’ve been approved and appointed by the General Services Administration to sell and deliver top quality telecommunications products and services.

Remarkable Value

From exclusive deals on brand new or completely refurbished telecom equipment to investing in innovative network infrastructure designs that will save you money on maintenance or repair costs, our telecommunications solutions are planned to provide you with maximum value.


As remote learning continues to become a bigger priority for campuses and schools alike, we provide a vast array of video conferencing or cloud-based technologies engineered to keep teachers and students better connected, even when they’re not in the same classroom together.

Strengthened Security

Keeping students and staff as safe as possible starts with investing in our top of the line commercial security systems or surveillance equipment, providing optimal protection while giving parents more peace of mind.

Get a Free Evaluation of Your Telecommunication Needs

The more connected everyone in your school district is, the more productive and in-sync everyone will become. If your educational facility could use a telecommunications upgrade, contact Telecom Technologies today to learn more about all the ways we can enhance your school’s communication capabilities, or call us at 651.456.5800.

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