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Low Voltage Wiring & Structured Cabling

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Network Wiring & Cabling Services in the Twin Cities

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Complex cable networks shouldn’t require complex wiring installation. If you want simple, organized, and efficient low voltage wiring that won’t diminish your cable network’s performance, Telecom Technologies has the perfect solutions for your Twin Cities business!

Our team of installation experts is ready to connect and integrate all of your telecommunication networks through low-maintenance structured cabling, providing a one-stop shop for controlling and accessing all aspects of your business phone system, commercial security operations, or any other telecommunications network.

Contact us today to request a demo of our low voltage wiring and structured cabling services!

Custom Network Wiring Solutions for Your Twin Cities Office

Every floor plan or interior space of any working environment requires its own customized network wiring and cabling installation plan to adhere to its architectural and performance needs.

Telecom Technologies has been an officially licensed structured cabling installer since 2006. We specialize in delivering low voltage wiring solutions for businesses that utilize lower-voltage telecommunication systems, such as cloud or premise-based phone systems, security or surveillance cameras, or other IT and communication networking systems.

Taking advantage of our low voltage wiring and structured cabling services will provide your company with complete integration of all your digital technology systems, allowing for optimal connectivity, communication, and dating sharing capabilities. Some of the advantages our structured cabling services have to offer include:

  • Organized & energy-efficient wiring solutions for all your voice, data, visual, audio, and connectivity-providing systems
  • Instant access to wiring systems for performing fast and effective maintenance services
  • A more optimized & integrated communication or digital technology network experience
  • Custom organization to separate and distinguish all your communication compartments’ cabling and wiring systems
  • Reduced energy consumption & utility costs

Better network connectivity and performance begins with custom structured cabling solutions. Be sure to take advantage of our free evaluation offer to thoroughly assess your company’s low voltage wiring needs!

Your Trusted Resource for Local Structured Cabling Services

With over 30 years of telecommunications and network wiring experience, Telecom Technologies offers the services and solutions you can expect from one of the leading, local structured cabling providers in the Twin Cities. When you need custom network wiring or cabling solutions, contact us today to boost your company’s communication and connectivity performance, or give us a call at 651.456.5800 for immediate assistance.

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