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Reliable, convenient, and cost-effective: Those are just a few words to describe the benefits businesses can expect from installing a cloud based phone system in an office or working environment!

At Telecom Technologies, we specialize in equipping local Twin Cities companies with the most innovative and high performance cloud based phone systems on the market. As an accredited provider of some of the top leading cloud based business phone systems, such as Avaya Cloud Office, Intermedia, NEC Univerge Blue, and RingCentral, we’ll work directly with you to find the perfect technology for your business. Contact us today to get started!

What Is a Cloud Based Phone System?

Cloud based telecommunications is a type of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system that utilizes voice communication routed through a hosted internet system, rather than a traditional ISDN or PSTN network.

Essentially, cloud hosted phone systems are the modern, internet version of a business phone system.

What Can Cloud Hosted Phone Systems Do for Your Business?

At Telecom Technologies, we specialize in providing the custom cloud based telecommunications solutions your Twin Cities company needs to thrive, with services such as consultation, installation, programming, product support, and remote maintenance solutions.

Integrated Communications

For any local businesses looking for the most efficient Unified Communications system for today’s communicative world, cloud based phone systems provide the ultimate integration of mobile communication services, such as:

  • Instant messaging features
  • Voice-controlled calls
  • Remote and mobile access
  • Video conferencing
  • Data sharing

Benefits of Cloud Based Communication

No matter what industry your company operates in, the communication advantages cloud based phone systems can provide are applicable to all trades and fields of business.

  • Strengthen and expand your communication capacity.
  • Reduce monthly operational costs.
  • Consolidate your business phone system features (voicemail, instant message, video conferencing, email or social media integration, etc.).
  • Eliminate long-distance fees for international calls.
  • Enjoy flexibility through mobile or remote access.
  • Access automated call management capabilities and AI customer service options.

Be sure to take advantage of our free evaluation services available to all new clients!

Custom Business Phone System Solutions

No more wires, no more dropped calls, no more tied-up phone lines. After we’ve installed your new cloud based phone system, your business will reap the benefits of unparalleled communication performance, with one of the most cost-effective telecommunications investments you can make!

Simple Setup

Cloud based phone systems are extraordinarily easy to install and set up within your working environment, so you can expect to be utilizing your new cloud based communication tools and features on the same day as your installation!

Secure Storage

Through your cloud based hosting system, all your voice calls, messages, emails, and more will be stored on a secure data storage system that can be accessed whenever and wherever you need it.

Mobile Access

Your cloud-based phone system doesn’t pertain solely to your office! All you need is an internet connection to connect your phone to your cloud-hosted system, so you make and receive important business calls no matter where you are.

Cost Effective

You won’t believe the amount of money your business will save by choosing cloud-based phone systems over traditional landline installation. You’ll only be charged for your internet service plan, compared to being charged for minutes, phones, roaming fees, or other unexpected phone plan costs.

Upgrade Your Business Phone System With Telecom Technologies

Your business phone system should cater to your specific communication needs. At Telecom Technologies, our job is to match you with the telecommunications products and services that will boost your communication efficiency and maximize workplace productivity. Contact us today to request a demo of our services, or call us at 651.456.5800 for immediate assistance.

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