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  • Proud GSA Contract Holder for over 15 Years
  • 10+ GWAC vehicles we can sell onto
  • Federally authorized by our Vendors and Partners
  • TAA & NDAA compliant Products
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Government agencies need state of the art telecommunications equipment and services to stay on track with missions and tasks at hand. At Telecom Technologies, we help federal government agencies receive the highest quality of communication and connectivity performance through a wide variety of professional telecommunications solutions and services.

And as an official GSA certified business, we’ve earned our reputation as an esteemed telecommunications provider for all of our federal government clients. Contact us today to request a demo! logo ITES-SW2 Seaport-NxG SEWP V

Enhance Your Agency’s Telecommunications System

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Renowned reliability, innovative technology, accommodating solutions – these are just a few of the traits you can expect to experience when your government agency chooses Telecom Technologies as their premier telecommunications provider.

We understand how demanding your everyday operations are, as well as how superior telecommunications equipment and network infrastructure play a crucial role in your agency’s performance. That’s why our team of trained and certified technicians will work directly with you, performing on-site assessments and troubleshooting analysis to determine the best course of action moving forward with your telecommunications needs.

Once we’ve developed a plan to upgrade your communication and connectivity performance, we’ll get to work right away, equipping you with a vast variety of the telecommunications solutions you need for your agency to thrive:

  • Expansive inventory of top quality new and refurbished telecommunications equipment and products
  • Exclusive deals on essential telecom items such as business phone systems, headsets, conference, networking equipment, and other telecommunications accessories
  • Professional wiring and installation services to create a high-speed, accessible, and organized structured cabling or communication network system
  • Cloud or premise-based phone systems designed for enhanced communication performance and optimal connectivity
  • Wide range of industry-leading telecommunications brands, such as Intermedia, RingCentral, Poly, Yealink, and more!
  • Expert maintenance or repair services to fix or upgrade your current telecom equipment or networks
  • Advanced Replacement Program enrollment options to swiftly replace any faulty or inefficient telecommunications equipment
  • Strategic office planning assessments to establish a more efficient, collaborative, and productive working environment

All of our custom telecommunications solutions and services are aimed to maximize your agency’s communication, connectivity, and collaboration potential. Be sure to read testimonials from some of our previous clients!

Trusted Brands for Enhanced Communication

At Telecom Technologies, we only offer our clients the most popular, trusted telecommunications brands on the market to ensure you only experience optimal business phone system performance. In addition to selling and repairing top of the line Intermedia, RingCentral, Poly, Tone Commander, and Yealink products, we’re also proud to offer all the latest innovative telecommunications products from NEC, one of the premier Information and Communications Technology (ICT) leaders in operation for the past 120 years.

NEC has the smart communications solutions specifically designed to suit the needs of government agencies of all levels and sizes. From all the latest desktop telephone models, to in-building wireless systems and softphones, NEC offers cost-effective, modular support technologies that are compatible with VoIP systems, TDM or SIP technology, or whatever collaborative multimedia conference applications your agency is currently using. Take advantage of all the telecommunications capabilities NEC business phone products can provide, and prepare your department to tackle all of today’s communications challenges!

Why Choose Telecom Technologies?

No matter what branch of government your agency specializes in, one thing’s for certain: Better communication means better results.

As a woman owned, locally operated telecommunications provider servicing the Twin Cities and surrounding areas, Telecom Technologies has worked hard to preserve its reputation as one of the most credible and credentialed businesses operating within the industry. Our promise to all our government clients is simple: custom solutions, direct communication, and accommodating assistance to ensure your telecommunications needs are accounted for!

When you work with Telecom Technologies, you can expect to reap all of the following benefits.

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Established Credentials

We’re an official GSA-certified business, meaning Telecom Technologies has been approved by the General Services Administration to sell or resell top quality telecommunications products and services to government agencies.

Expert Consultancy

Our team of trained and certified telecom technicians will assess your facility to evaluate which areas of telecommunication improvement can be made, helping your agency identify the necessary solutions to improve your communication and connectivity.

Extensive Experience

We’ve been working with federal government agencies for over 25 years, equipping them with the necessary telecommunication products and services designed to reduce overall maintenance and increase overall productivity.

Enhanced Communication

Whether your agency is looking for a routine business phone system upgrade or you’re in dire need of organizing and simplifying your current network cabling system, Telecom Technologies is here to address and resolve any telecom-related issues you’re experiencing.

Request a Demo for Custom Telecommunications Solutions

When you work with Telecom Technologies, you’ll be able to take advantage of having a direct relationship with your telecommunications provider, offering you immediate access to renowned customer service and custom solutions for all your communications and connectivity needs. Contact Telecom Technologies today to learn more about how we can upgrade your agency’s telecommunications system and network, or call us at 651.456.5800 for immediate assistance.

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