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Telecommunications Solutions for State & Local Government Agencies

  • Proud SLED supplier nationwide
  • ERATE supplier (SPIN) and partner
  • Network and Solutions provider for Schools & Education facilities in MN
  • State & Local cabling and wiring services
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The path to progress begins at our local and state branches of government. At Telecom Technologies, our goal is to aid our Minnesota government agencies with the necessary telecommunications equipment and solutions that will help them achieve all their communication and connectivity goals.

From selling state of the art telecom products at competitive prices to providing professional network cable installation to improve connectivity performance, we specialize in a variety of custom telecommunications services intended to enhance your everyday work performance and productivity. Contact us today to see how Telecom Technologies can help upgrade your state or local government agency’s communication system!

Upgrade Your Agency’s Telecommunications System

No matter what branch of government your state or local agency specializes in, odds are you need effective communication equipment and resources to ensure optimal collaboration and synergy across all operating departments. That’s where we can help, equipping your agency with everything from innovative business phone systems to custom network infrastructure design work, so you won’t have to worry about faulty connections, dated technology, or constant maintenance issues.

Our Services

Telecom Technologies works with leading telecommunications companies that manufacture top quality telecom products, connecting you with the best of the best in the industry.

Our vast array of telecommunication services include:

Whatever it takes to upgrade your agency’s current telecommunications system, we’re up for the challenge! Be sure to check out our testimonials to see how we’ve been able to assist all our previous clients with custom telecommunications solutions.

Why Choose Telecom Technologies?

From city councils to school districts, Minnesota government agencies depend on exceptional communication and integrated technologies to keep everyone on the same page. At Telecom Technologies, we’re a local, Twin Cities based resource for all things telecommunications, aiding state and local government branches with the necessary telecom equipment, systems, and solutions they need to collaborate on ideas and create agendas designed to better their communities.

Choosing to work with Telecom Technologies means you’ll be receiving service from a Minnesota telecom provider that truly cares about the communication performance of its government branches. In addition to our renowned telecom services and solutions, Telecom Technologies will provide you with relentless resources and expert analysis.

Experience & Credentials

We’re a GSA certified business with over 30 years of experience as a Twin Cities based telecom provider, meaning we know a thing or two when it comes to providing exceptional telecommunications solutions.

Extensive Security

From designing secure network systems to keep sensitive data and information private to protecting your facilities from external harm, we offer commercial security solutions for all facets of your interior and exterior operations.

Cost Efficiency

We’ll work with your budgetary requirements to deliver exceptional telecommunications products and services that your agency can’t afford to miss out on!

One-on-One Consultancy

When you need immediate assistance regarding any aspect of your telecommunications system, we’ll be there to provide direct guidance and expert analysis on any issues your agency experiences.

Contact Telecom Technologies for Twin Cities Telecommunications Services

In many ways, our goals align with your agency’s goals in the sense of providing the necessary means and solutions for better communication, connectivity, and overall productivity. If your state or local government agency is in need of professional telecommunications services, contact Telecom Technologies today to receive a free evaluation from our expert technicians, or give us a call at 651.456.5800 to speak directly with one of our representatives.


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