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Dependable, high-performing communication is the backbone of any successful business. At Telecom Technologies, our mission is to equip all of our Twin Cities clients with the most reliable business phone systems available on the market.

With our selection of new or completely refurbished premise-based phone systems and products, you can take advantage of utilizing total control and renowned performance through your upgraded business phone system. Contact Telecom Technologies today to get started on your free evaluation!

How Premise Based Phone Systems Can Benefit Your Business

Privacy, security, and reliability: three guaranteed traits you can expect from your newly installed premise based phone system!

As a GSA certified business, Telecom Technologies offers advanced premise based phone systems and telecommunications equipment from some of the leading names in the industry, such as NEC, Tone Commander and Poly (Plantronics/Polycom), and more.

With over 30 years of business phone system installation and telecommunications service experience, you can count on Telecom Technologies to swiftly integrate your new premise-based phone system into your current business operations.

What Is a Premise Based Phone System?

Essentially, what constitutes a premise-based phone system is a network that’s installed and physically located within your office or working environment.

It can consist of a network of physical wires that connects your company’s data system to desk phones, or you can integrate your premise-based phone system with your internet connection to unlock more telecommunications tools and resources.

Best of all, our team of business phone service professionals will be able to accommodate all of your telecommunications needs throughout your premise based phone system installation to ensure your business has access to all the advantageous communicative tools and features!

Complete Communicative Control

The primary communicative advantage premise-based phone systems provide is total control of your telephone functionality and performance. Unlike cloud based phone systems, premise based phone systems don’t require internet connectivity to make quality phone calls, but they do have the ability to integrate with your VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system, allowing for optimal communication collaboration.

Premise based phone systems are beneficial for companies that are looking to:

  • Adhere to extensive communicative demands, such as multiple phone lines for larger companies
  • Customize telecommunication options, such as extension dialing, waiting queues for customers, conference calls options, hold music, or voice menu features
  • Choose between flexible options to integrate your premise-based and VoIP phone systems
  • Achieve renowned reliability when it comes to call performance and reducing technical issues
  • Strengthen and upgrade all security features and protocols

Be sure to read our testimonials from previous clients to get a better picture of just how our telecommunications services can upgrade your current business phone system performance!

Choose Telecom Technologies for Business Phone System Solutions

Installing a new premise based phone system means never having to worry about pesky technical difficulties that get in the way of maximizing workplace productivity. At Telecom Technologies, we’re here to provide you with custom business phone service solutions that will accommodate your budgeting and performance demands.

Contact us today to request a demo of our services, or give us a call at 651.456.5800 to speak directly with one of our telecommunications specialists!

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