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Access Control

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Secure Your Premises with Access Control Systems

  • Cloud-Based Access Control Technology
  • Manage Access to Your Building From Anywhere
  • In-Person Security Assessment Site Visits
  • Scalable, Cost-Effective Security Solutions
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What if you could control access to your business or property from anywhere, at any time? At Telecom Technologies, we help businesses of all sizes and industries reap the benefits of innovative access control systems, giving you more control and management over the safety and security of your premises. Our team of commercial security system specialists will provide you with a flexible, scalable access control system that’s specifically suited to your security needs.

Ready to experience the convenience and peace of mind a state-of-the-art access control system can provide? Contact Telecom Technologies today to schedule an in-person security assessment visit!

Control Access to Your Business Anywhere, Anytime

Nowadays, keeping your business safe and secure is a 24/7 job. Whether it’s boosting your protection from unwanted intruders or carefully monitoring employee activity, remote management security solutions give you more options and flexibility as to who can gain access onto your premises and when.

With remote access control systems, you can instantly upgrade your company’s security protocol with any of these innovative features.

Cloud-Based Remote Management

Secure your premises, lock or open doors, and schedule your security settings, all from the convenience of your smartphone or mobile device! With cloud-based remote management technology, you can oversee and manage all of your access control settings from just about anywhere, anytime.

Access Control Readers and Doors

For simple, effective property entry and security, access control readers and doors allow for easier access protocol on your premises – without having to compromise safety.

Choose from multiple models of access control readers or doors that can grant your employees or clients instant access onto your property – all with either the scan of a smartphone, face, voice, fingerprint, etc.

Touchless Entry Technologies

Scale back your security investments by installing touchless entry systems, giving you more flexibility when it comes to cost-effective entry protocol. Nothing is as simple as using your smartphone as your keycard to gain entry into your premises.

Instant Lockdown Activation

In the event that a significant security breach or threat arises, access control systems give you instant lockdown capabilities, ensuring the complete safety of your staff and clients with just one tap of a button.

Flexible, Scalable Security Solutions

With custom access control features, you can only invest in the preventive measures and security technology that’s applicable to your business. You can also scale back or ramp up all your security measures any time you deem necessary.

Real-Time Insight

Instantly view and assess surveillance cameras and equipment from all your work sites with cloud-based video security services. You can access real-time visibility with any security camera from your all-in-one, customizable user dashboard screen.

Seamless Security Integration

Pick and choose an access control system that can be seamlessly integrated into your current commercial security system. You’ll be utilizing innovative remote management technology in no time, without having to alter or uninstall your existing security setup.

Your Trusted Access Control System Provider in the Twin Cities

At Telecom Technologies, we’re constantly working with Twin Cities businesses to provide them with the innovative commercial security systems and technologies they need to keep their properties as safe and secure as possible.

Ready to upgrade your company’s security measures? Contact Telecom Technologies today to get started on your access control system installation!

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