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What Type of Business Phone System is Best for Your Business?
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What Type of Business Phone System is Best for Your Business?

Efficient and reliable communication is the backbone of any successful enterprise, which is why choosing the right type of business phone system is an essential component of a superior telecommunications network. Whether it’s making dependable long-distance calls to clients across the globe or hosting high-performance video conferencing calls with your team, the type of business phone system you choose will have profound impacts on your company’s communication capabilities.

There are many questions every company should answer when it comes to choosing a business phone system that aligns with their telecommunications needs, such as:

  • Do you want your business phone system integrated with your internet connection?
  • Are you looking for fully functioning phone systems consisting of physical desk phones, on-site wiring or cable networks, and customized network infrastructure design?
  • Are features such as voice-controlled calls, remote and mobile access, and video conferencing hosting essential to your communication needs?
  • Do you want the most reliable business phone system or one that adheres to your telecommunications budget requirements?
  • How much control do you want over phone system installation, configuration, and maintenance?

If you’re looking for more accommodative telecommunications solutions that actually suit your communication demands, take a look at this breakdown of the primary business phone systems. Understanding how each system works will help you make informed decision for your own business.

Cloud & Hybrid VoIP Phone Systems

As telecommunication expectations have evolved in recent years, so has the rise of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems in commercial settings. VoIP phone systems work through converting a user’s voice into digital data, which in turn becomes routed through your Internet connection, as opposed to a more traditional ISDN or PSTN network. Essentially, VoIP systems provide normal phone call capabilities through the internet as opposed to utilizing common landline-based telephone features.

VoIP phone systems allow for premium integration with your company’s existing wireless internet infrastructure. They’re extremely easy to install and maintain, and tend to provide businesses with exceptional flexibility when it comes to cost-effective, scalable telecommunication options. Which brings us to the two primary versions of VoIP phone systems: Cloud or hybrid-based.

Cloud-based phone systems: This type of VoIP phone system is the most flexible, as your service provider will handle all of your infrastructure and software needs, leaving your business with extremely minimal maintenance upkeep. Benefits of cloud-based phone systems include:

  • Strengthened and expansive communication capacity
  • Reduced monthly operational costs
  • No long-distance fees for international calls
  • Consolidated features (voicemail, instant message, video conferencing, email or social media integration, etc.)
  • Flexible mobile or remote access
  • Automated call management capabilities
  • AI customer service options

Hybrid-based phone systems: If your business already has a set phone system in place, then a hybrid-based VoIP phone system might be in your best interest. They’re already built on existing ISDN telephone systems, and you can concurrently use any of your traditional telephone networks, without the costs of adding on additional hardware, equipment, or infrastructure.

While not as flexible as a cloud-based phone system, hybrid-based phone systems work best with businesses not willing to part ways with their existing PBX phone system, but are looking for more scalability and cost-effective communication access.

Premise-Based Phone Systems

If multiple employees of your business are constantly on the phone, putting clients on hold, or hosting conference calls, then a premise-based phone system is likely to suit all your telecommunications needs.

The most reliable, high-performance commercial phone system available are premise-based phone systems. These systems work off of a network that’s installed and physically located within your office or working environment. You can either create a network infrastructure of physical wires that connect your company’s data system to desk phones, or you can integrate your premise-based phone system with your company’s internet connection to unlock more telecommunications tools and resources, similar to those of a cloud-based phone system.

The biggest benefits for premise-based phone systems are:

  • Lower long-term communication costs
  • Utilize or add as many phone lines as you please
  • Total control over your communications
  • Customized telecommunication options (extension dialing, waiting queues for customers, conference calls options, hold music, voice menu features, etc.)
  • Innovative security features and privacy settings
  • No dependence on internet connection for phone service

Business Phone System Solutions From Telecom Technologies

It all comes down to truly assessing your company’s communication needs to determine which type of business phone system is the best course of action moving forward. At Telecom Technologies, we work with businesses of all sizes and industries to provide them with the custom telecommunications solutions they need to improve their internal and external communications. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our team of telecommunications experts!

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