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Pros & Cons of Premise-Based Phone Systems
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Pros & Cons of Premise-Based Phone Systems

When providing your company with optimal business phone system performance and reliability, premise-based phone systems continue to be the premier preference for businesses that thrive on superior telecommunications technology.

While other popular business phone systems, such as cloud-based phone systems, tend to provide companies with more scalable communication options, the bottom line with premise-based phone systems comes down to giving your business full control over your communication capabilities.

But not all business phone systems are applicable to every business. From the size of your company to its location to commercial security needs, a variety of factors contribute to the impact a premise-based phone system will have upon your telecommunication operations.

To break it all down, here’s a detailed list of the pros and cons of premise-based phone systems, so you can determine whether or not such a system is the right telecommunications equipment fit for your company.

Pros of Premise-Based Phone Systems

For anyone unaware, a premise-based phone system is a communication network that’s physically installed and located within your office or working environment.

Through a network of physical wires and structured cabling systems, your phone system connects to your company’s data system. This allows your business to integrate its business phone system with your internet connection, equipping you with various telecommunications tools and resources.

Here are the general benefits of installing a premise-based phone system at your workplace:

Customizable Communication

The primary benefit of premise-based phone systems is the customizable options you have to maximize your telecommunications potential. Here are just a few of the standard features equipped on most premise-based phone systems:

  • Extension dialing
  • Customer waiting queues
  • Conference calls options
  • Hold music
  • Voice menu features
  • Multiple phone line and dial tone options
  • CRM software integration and more

If you’re looking for versatility for your company’s telecommunications equipment, premise-based phone systems have you covered.

Superior Durability

When it comes to call performance and significantly reducing technical issues, you’ll be hard pressed to find a business phone system as reliable as premise-based phone systems.

You won’t have to rely on your company’s internet connectivity to make quality phone calls. You’ll also have superior server performance with multiple phone lines, meaning if one of your servers does happen to crash, back-ups will ensure you can still experience superior business phone system performance.

Strengthened Security

Because premise-based phone systems aren’t bound to your internet connection, you won’t have to worry about a variety of cybersecurity risks potentially affecting your business phone system. Premise-based phone systems are specifically designed and installed so you won’t have to compromise your company’s security in any way.

Long-Term ROI

While they’re a significant initial investment, premise-based phone systems are structured to provide you with long-term ROI. Once you’ve factored in all of your initial hardware and installation costs, you’ve paid for years, if not decades, of superior telecommunications performance.

Cons of Premise-Based Phone Systems

As previously mentioned, premise-based phone systems aren’t the consensus of business phone systems for every organization. Smaller companies or businesses that don’t need massive or intricate telecommunication setups will want to consider more scalable systems, such as cloud-based phone systems.

Here are a few of the typical cons associated with premise-based phone systems:

General Maintenance

Installing a premise-based phone system requires occasional maintenance work to preserve its performance and integrity. There are also hardware or equipment upgrades that need to be integrated into its system. Depending on how expansive you want your business phone system to be, you will need significant space to accommodate your premise-based phone system setup.

Upfront Expenditures

Premise-based phone systems aren’t the cheapest business phone system option, and you will have to invest in the initial setup and installation process significantly. While the long-term ROI will ultimately outweigh your upfront expenditures, you will need to set aside a portion of your budget to accommodate the initial premise-based phone system costs.

Lack of Flexibility

The biggest issue to remember with premise-based phone systems is that once you have your setup and hardware installed, you should be of the mindset that it will stay there for quite some time. If you’re unsure of how long your business will remain at its current location, then installing  a premise-based phone system will limit your flexibility if you need to move in the immediate future.

Business Phone System Solutions From Telecom Technologies

If you’re eager to learn more about which business phone system is best for your business, we can certainly help you make the right decision! At Telecom Technologies, we have decades of experience when it comes to helping businesses from all industries install business phone systems that are the right fit for their telecommunication needs.

Contact Telecom Technologies today for superior business phone system solutions!

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