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Best Security Camera Setup Practices
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Best Security Camera Setup Practices

For many small businesses, installing a commercial security system isn’t a top priority until it’s too late. But whether your premises has endured a burglary, break-in, or act of vandalism or not, one thing is for certain: Setting up a security camera system to survey your property will only give you more peace of mind against unwanted intruders.

Every year, burglaries and break-ins cost U.S. businesses around $800 million in retail property losses, plenty of losses that could have been avoided through professional security camera system installation. In fact, studies have shown that outdoor security cameras have a deterrence measure effectiveness rate of up to 50%, nearly as effective as having round-the-clock security personnel present.

It’s easy to see how commercial surveillance systems can deter crime away from your business. Still, it’s important to understand how proper installation of security cameras plays an essential factor in preventing trespassing on your commercial property.

Here are a few of the best security camera setup practices that can help keep your business as safe and secure as possible.

Proper Placement

The most crucial, and obvious, step for setting up your security cameras is ensuring they are being properly placed to maximize security and surveillance. This starts with installing cameras around any points of entry, such as entrances, exits, loading docks, storage facilities, or any other areas of importance.

In addition to installing cameras near all vulnerable locations of your property, you also want to make sure there’s nothing obscuring the view or quality of your cameras, such as trees, buildings, poor lighting, etc.

Keep Them Visible

A common mistake many businesses make is trying to hide or conceal their security cameras, thinking that any unaware intruders will be better captured on surveillance during any break-in or vandalism attempts.

However, a primary security purpose of security cameras is that the sheer sight of them in the eyes of an intruder can be enough to dissuade them from taking any further action. Keep your security cameras in plain sight, so trespassers will immediately know they’re being watched and their actions are being recorded.

Cybersecurity Prevention

In today’s world of cyber-crime, it’s essentially standard practice to set up a line of defense within your security cameras to boost their cybersecurity levels. A virtually vulnerable security camera system can easily be infiltrated and hacked, especially if an intruder is remotely tech savvy.

Performing any of the following preventative measures on your security cameras will ensure your surveillance system is well-guarded against any possible cybersecurity threats:

  • Passwords for accessing cameras and footage
  • Setting up firewalls
  • Connection and video encryption
  • Establishing a separate private network or cloud-based network for storing footage
  • Keeping your network and software systems up-to-date with latest security downloads

Connect to the Cloud

Gone are the days where you needed to be physically present at your property to view, manage, save, or share any surveillance footage. By utilizing cloud-based software platforms, you can remotely access your security camera system at any time, anywhere.

Best of all, all your video footage will save automatically to cloud storage, and can be accessed and managed whenever, wherever, providing you with unlimited flexibility to keep your premises safe and secure.

Commercial Security Camera Solutions From Telecom Technologies

Choosing and installing the right commercial security equipment is easier said than done, especially if you’re a small business owner with plenty of other tasks at hand. At Telecom Technologies, we offer businesses custom security and surveillance solutions, helping them get the technologies and equipment they need to proficiently protect their property.

When you need professional assistance for commercial security camera installation, contact Telecom Technologies today to get in touch with our team of surveillance equipment specialists! 

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