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How Video Security Systems Are Helping Prevent Crime
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How Video Security Systems Are Helping Prevent Crime

Commercial surveillance systems have come a long way in quality, accessibility, and maintenance. Gone are the days of bulky camera equipment with grainy, pixelated footage to offer, as we’ve ushered in an era of innovative surveillance technology.

With modern commercial security solutions, users can access everything from remote access control to the highest quality picture resolution possible. But as video security systems continue to evolve in their technological features, the question remains: How successful is this surveillance equipment in preventing crime?

More importantly, is it worth installing these state-of-the-art commercial security systems in your business? Regardless of your industry, you need some degree of security system to ensure optimal protection for your commercial property. But are video security systems actually necessary for defending your premises against unwanted intruders or vandals?

Recent research and studies outline the success of video security systems for preventing crime and protecting your commercial property. Let’s take a closer look!

Security Cameras Significantly Reduce Security Threats

Let’s start with a general question through the lens of a potential intruder of your business. Which property would you be more inclined to break into: one with noticeable surveillance equipment or one with no detectable security cameras?

Research shows that for residential properties, installing a security camera system automatically makes your home 300% safer from break-ins, as opposed to a home without any surveillance equipment. You can essentially apply that same logic for commercial properties, and studies have also shown that surveillance equipment drastically reduces crime in commercial areas as well.

According to The New York Times, surveillance cameras installed around the city of Orange County, New Jersey resulted in a 50% decrease in all crime types of those areas under surveillance. Police officers who participated in the study also reported that having more access to surveillance footage made their investigations much easier to conduct and complete.

Such research clearly outlines how the combination of security camera presence and the footage they can provide can certainly improve crime prevention measures in any location.

Security Camera Presence Alone is What Matters

Sometimes the presence of video security cameras alone is worth the investment. According to a study by the UNC Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology, 50% of surveyed burglars admitted that if they discovered the presence of security cameras, they’d choose another target.

The researchers of this study interviewed 422 convicted burglars across North Carolina, Ohio, and Kentucky, finding out that most burglars took outdoor surveillance equipment into consideration when assessing which properties they wanted to break into.

This study helps highlight how just the sheer sight of a video security camera could be the difference between your property being burglarized or not.

Upgrade Your Commercial Security System With Telecom Technologies

The best part about today’s video surveillance systems is that your company doesn’t have to spend an arm and a leg to equip your property with innovative video security equipment. At Telecom Technologies, we help local businesses protect their premises by giving them the commercial security solutions they need to prevent the unexpected from happening.

Looking to upgrade your company’s commercial security system? Contact Telecom Technologies today to schedule a consultation with our surveillance equipment experts!

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