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How Does Access Control Help Property Managers?
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How Does Access Control Help Property Managers?

Nowadays, you can’t be cautious enough when it comes to providing a safe and secure environment for the properties you manage. Whether overseeing all facets of an apartment building or supervising an expansive office space, every property manager has their own needs for finding a commercial security system that works best for all those who occupy their premises.

Steady growth in access control systems demonstrates how technology and automation are changing the commercial security world and customers’ expectations. Modern properties require not only advanced security equipment but also user-friendly control systems that allow more control and customization when it comes to directing on-site safety and security.

Industry data shows that the access control systems market is expected to grow from an overall value of just under $8 billion in 2020 to an estimated value of just under $12 billion by 2027 – a steady growth of over 8% that’s only expected to continue to rise. Why is access control revolutionizing the world of property management?

Let’s break down a few ways innovative access control technology is helping property managers better manage their facilities.

Innovative Security Features

Property managers will be hard pressed to find more innovative security features than the tools and resources that come standard in most access control systems, from superior prevention of trespassers to remote or mobile entry control.

Touchless Entry

Tenants, staff, or delivery workers can gain access to your building through touchless entry options, allowing property managers to scale back their overall security costs without sacrificing performance.

Touchless entry options can range from smartphones to keycards to facial recognition and more, giving property managers increased flexibility in assessing their security needs.

Access Control Readers

Are you a property manager who oversees premises with heavy foot traffic? You need an access control reader that can simplify the access protocol on your premises without having to compromise safety. From kiosk stations to access control reader doors, all it takes is an authorized swipe or scan for tenants, employees, or guests to securely enter the premises.

Instant Lockdown Activation

Nobody assumes they’ll have to deal with a serious security breach or threat until it actually happens. To better prepare for such an event, access control systems offer instant lockdown activation – controlled remotely or off-site – if immediate security measures and action need to be taken.

Seamless Integration Process

Because access control systems offer cloud-based remote management options, such software and technology can be seamlessly integrated into your property’s current security system or operations.

Property managers won’t even have to adjust or disrupt their current security operations, as enlisting the services of an authorized access control system provider will often allow for same-day access control system installation.

Low-Maintenance Security Solutions

Often with more elaborate, premise-based security or surveillance systems, routine maintenance is required to ensure that any hardware or wiring systems continue to function properly. But with today’s access control systems, expensive on-site maintenance is a thing of the past.

For cloud-based access control systems, any security or software updates will be automatically downloaded, without having to disrupt your overall security operations. This minimal upkeep allows you to worry less about your security system’s performance and focus more on all your other managerial tasks at hand.

Increased ROI and Scalability

Perhaps the toughest aspect about other types of premise-based security systems is that once they’re installed, it can be difficult to scale back or upgrade your security measures as needed. Access control systems provide property managers more scalability when it comes to assessing their security needs.

Whether you’re making expansions to your premises or looking to downsize your security operations, more flexibility with your security system means you can increase your ROI by only paying for the security solutions your property needs.

Access Control System Solutions From Telecom Technologies

Looking to increase the security of your commercial property? Let Telecom Technologies equip you with the access control system you’re looking for!

Our team of commercial security specialists will assess your premises and provide recommendations of industry-leading access control systems that will keep your property as safe and secure as possible. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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