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How to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Security Cameras
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How to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Security Cameras

In today’s world of safety and surveillance, equipping your business with innovative commercial security system technology is an absolute necessity. While commercial burglary numbers continue to rise across the country, studies are showing that security camera systems do a remarkable job when it comes to protecting properties and deterring crime.

According to a study conducted by the UNC Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, 50% of burglars are immediately discouraged to force their way onto any premises by the presence of outdoor security cameras alone.

But simply installing a new security camera system outside of your commercial property isn’t a one-all solution to all your security needs. There are plenty of other factors that play into maximizing the effectiveness of these state-of-the-art commercial surveillance systems.

If you’re on the lookout for upgrading your security camera systems, here are a few of the ways you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your new commercial surveillance equipment.

Consider View and Lighting

First things first, you need to ensure that whatever angle or location you want your security cameras to capture needs to be void of blind spots or limited views. Poor camera placement is the number one mistake most businesses make when it comes to investing in new security cameras.

A few security camera installation tips to keep in mind include:

  • Try avoid placing on corners of your property, which more often than not limit a camera’s perspective
  • Keep away from outdoor lights that will blind or obstruct your camera’s vision
  • Make sure there are no exterior obstacles that will block your camera’s line of sight, such as trees, fences, dumpsters, etc.
  • If installing motion detection cameras, don’t place near areas where non-human motion is frequent
  • Don’t view one large area with just one security camera

Pick the Right Camera for the Right Environment

Not all security cameras are effective in every environment. You need to ensure that you’re installing the right camera for the right location, from a picture quality perspective as well as for sheer functionality.

If you’re trying to provide surveillance for larger exterior areas, you need a wide-angle that’s designed for scanning expensive regions. For tighter, more narrow perspectives, you can use Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras or Fixed Box security cameras that are ideal for focusing on zooming in on smaller, more compact areas.

Regular, Routine Maintenance

Most small business owners think they can simply install their new security cameras and forget about them, a fallacy that will most certainly decrease their effectiveness.

You should always be checking in on your security camera equipment and performing regular, routine maintenance on every device to ensure optimal performance. This means everything from checking the batteries, cleaning lenses, troubleshooting wires, reviewing footage and storage, as well as performing any necessary repairs.

Cloud Storage Capabilities

When it comes to accessing and storing footage, there’s no more effective way to save or share your surveillance footage than through cloud-based storage solutions. Working with tapes and hard-drives can prove trying and complicated, whereas cloud-based storage provides you with unlimited storage capabilities to save all your surveillance footage.

Best of all, cloud-based storage providers will automatically save all your surveillance footage to a backup cloud-based drive, ensuring you’ll never lose any footage you need to save.

Commercial Security Systems From Telecom Technologies

Keeping your business safe and secure starts with working with an experienced commercial security provider that specializes in custom surveillance solutions. At Telecom Technologies, we work with businesses from all industries to ensure they receive the best security camera equipment that’s most applicable to their security needs.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our commercial security specialists!

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