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How to Improve Your IP Cameras
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How to Improve Your IP Cameras

One of the more popular, cost-effective commercial surveillance technologies in recent years has been the emergence of Internet-Protocol (IP) cameras.

These innovative digital security cameras receive and send video footage over a company’s IP network, allowing for a variety of security benefits, ranging from easy installation and maintenance to more convenient and accessible data storage options.

While IP cameras represent a growing trend of cloud-based commercial security systems, most businesses don’t reap all the surveillance benefits they have to offer after installing them on their premises.

To ensure your business is maximizing its security potential, here are a few tips on how you can improve the quality and performance of your IP cameras.

Upgrade Security Measures

Because IP cameras rely on IP networks and internet connection to operate, it’s important that you do as much as possible to upgrade the security features of your IP cameras.

Here are a few essential security tips to keep in mind to improve the security measures of your IP cameras:

  • Implement a firewall for all your IP cameras
  • Use separate, unique, complex passwords to access each camera
  • Consider utilizing a WPA2-encrypted wireless network so no one else can connect to your IP camera network to access video feeds
  • Frequently check for operating system and software updates
  • Be sure to use a trusted cloud-based provider if you’re utilizing cloud-based services
  • Provide cybersecurity training to all coworkers who you’ve assigned to access camera system

“Better safe than sorry” is the mantra when it comes to ensuring optimal security for your IP camera system.

Reinforce Your Resolution

IP cameras are renowned for having the highest quality picture resolution, with default settings typically being set at 1080P (1920 x 1080). This level of image resolution is generally far superior to analog surveillance systems, and also tend to provide more clarity when zooming in focusing on any remotely shot details.

You can also adjust resolution settings to fit any preferred aspect ratios you wish to achieve, or to even unlock more storage space or enhance live streaming quality. Establishing superior resolution without compromising maintenance or performance is an absolute must to maximize the potential of your IP camera system.

Store With the Cloud

Perhaps the most innovative feature associated with IP cameras today is their access to cloud-based storage solutions. When set up through a cloud-based network, your IP camera can instantly save and store seemingly infinite hours of surveillance footage, depending on your specific cloud-storage plans. This allows for the most convenient way possible to save, access, and share any surveillance footage you’ve stored from previous dates.

Assess Your Surroundings

More often than not, it’s easy to get your IP camera system completely set up and installed, only to learn that some of the exterior features surrounding your cameras comprise its performance or capabilities.

Be sure to be precise when choosing the location and placement when installing your IP cameras. Consider exterior factors such as lighting, trees, blindspots, parking, sunlight, etc. that can jeopardize the quality, clarity, or transmission of your surveillance footage.

Perfect Your IP Camera System With Telecom Technologies

The first step to a perfect commercial security system is working with a trusted, experienced telecommunications provider to assist you all throughout the installation process. At Telecom Technologies, we specialize in helping local businesses get the customized surveillance solutions they need to ensure optimal safety and security of their premises.

If you need an IP camera upgrade, contact Telecom Technologies today to get in touch with our commercial security specialists! 

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