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How Cloud Security Protects You From Malware
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How Cloud Security Protects You From Malware

Over the past decade, the number of malicious programs (malware) created to interfere, disrupt, or completely shutdown your company’s computer software system has increased tenfold. Reports indicate that approximately 450,000 types of malware are detected and registered every day, meaning the need for innovative and updated anti-malware software solutions only gets stronger, day in and day out.

To combat this increased risk of experiencing the virtual wrath of viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, or ransomware, more and more companies have started utilizing cloud-based security systems to protect their sensitive information and data.

What Is Cloud Computing Security?

Cloud computing security is a way to protect data stored online via cloud computing platforms. It involves the implementation of a variety of controls, code, and technologies that work together to provide the ultimate protection against threats to any cloud-based systems you have incorporated into your business operations.

Cloud security allows businesses to pick and choose which sensitive items and data they want protected, from securing all your stored cloud data to ensuring your clients’ information is confidential. And with mobile capabilities, it offers remote access to infinite files, data, or other important information.

Top Cybersecurity Risks for Your Business

From data breaches to hardware failure, malware can wreak havoc for businesses of all sizes if not sufficiently protected through cloud security systems. Studies show that nearly two-thirds of small businesses that experience a malware attack ultimately go out of business within six months!

Cloud security primarily focuses on boosting protection and compliance with the following cybersecurity risks and issues:

  • Malware injections
  • Data breaches
  • Identity theft
  • Data encryption
  • Access management
  • Regulatory compliance

6 Ways Cloud Security Protects Your Business From Malware

To help boost your line of defense of cybersecurity, here are six ways cloud security can protect your business from malware.

1. Security Bundling

Even the most tech-savvy individuals would have a hard time explaining all the ways malware can infiltrate your business computer system and create chaos. But when you’re equipped with cloud computing security services, you can have peace of mind knowing that regardless of your current network infrastructure design, cloud security offers extensive bundling options to protect all facets of your physical and virtual networks.

Cloud security software is designed to protect all of the following networks, features, applications, and services:

  • Data storage and services: hard drives, computing hardware, any stored data, etc.
  • Physical networks: cabling, routers, climate controls, electrical power, etc.
  • Operating systems: batch OS, distributed OS, network OS, multitasking OS, network OS, mobile OS, real OS, etc.
  • Software frameworks: host or guest machines
  • Applications: Graphics software, Word processors, database software, spreadsheet software, etc.

Cloud security is intended to protect all dynamics of your company’s networking infrastructure, all under one roof.

2. Automatic Updating & Patching

Far too often, we tend to click out of or ignore security updates whenever they pop up on our computer screens. While you should always ensure that your computer security programs or softwares are completely up-to-date, one of the biggest advantages to cloud security systems is the automatic security update and patching features.

You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to update your anti-malware security software again, as cloud security systems will automatically update themselves for the latest virtual line of defenses against malware. Cloud providers also utilize artificial intelligence tools to perform so-called ‘trial runs’ or tests to detect any areas of cyber-vulnerability, while automatically patching up any susceptible areas in your firewalls.

3. Data Encryption

Encrypting your data is an essential line of defense for any businesses that store highly sensitive information. However, manually encrypting any files, documents, or information can prove to be quite time consuming.

Fortunately, cloud security services will automatically encrypt all your stored data and information, which in turn will make it extremely difficult for hackers to access any essential files or private information. Bottom line: if you’re not scrambling your saved data, you’re only making it easier for malware to corrupt or steal any information you’re trying to protect.

4. Advanced Firewall Functionality

In addition to automatic updates, cloud security services will also equip your commercial network system with all the latest firewall systems to help prevent unauthorized access into any aspect of your computer network, such as private networks, WiFi networks, or intranets and any shared-communications systems.

Advanced firewalls are designed to counter all the newest tricks and disguises malware utilizes to sneak its way into your computer system, with preventative features ranging from:

  • Packet filtering
  • Encrypted traffic analysis
  • IP blocking
  • Stateful inspection
  • Proxying
  • Port blocking
  • Domain name blocking

5. Customized Security Services

Every business has different priorities when it comes to their cybersecurity efforts. A distinct advantage of cloud security systems is that it allows users to customize which preventative efforts they want to focus on, specifically allocating security resources that best suit their current business operations.

Through cloud security systems, you can emphasize certain areas of cybersecurity that pertain directly to your services, products, or clients, including:

  • Cyber Safety: Emphasize which sources of data you want to protect and stay updated through 24/7 monitoring and real-time threat detection notifications.
  • Automated Security: Once a professional has set up your controls and configurations, you won’t have to worry about manually monitoring or adjusting any cloud security measures, allowing you and your staff to minimize security errors and focus on all your other tasks at hand.
  • Proactive Protection: Any malware threats will be immediately identified, blocked, and managed, while automatically configuring how to prevent any future malware injections.
  • Cost-Effective: Cloud security systems are almost entirely an up-front cost, ultimately proving to be a cost-effective long-term security solution that will all but guarantee eliminating the threat of malware affecting your business operations.

6. Data Loss Prevention

You can never truly realize how devastating losing all your data to malware can be until it happens. That’s why implementing cloud security systems into your cybersecurity measures will ensure that you never have to experience such misfortune.

Cloud data loss prevention helps your business avoid catastrophe by repeatedly copying your data and storing it in several different data centers, meaning if malware infects a server or hard drive, your data will be automatically backed up and saved onto a different, malware-free cloud server.

Cloud data loss prevention services will also prioritize, classify, and monitor every detail of your data, protecting it in order of importance while constantly being on the lookout for any suspicious cyber activity.

Cloud Based Solutions From Telecom Technologies

Every business thinks they're safe from hackers or malware until it’s too late. Dealing with the consequences of insufficient cyber security software is a fate no company should want to endure.

When your business needs innovative cloud-based security solutions, Telecom Technologies is here to help! Contact us today to learn more about all the cloud-based products and state-of-the-art telecommunications equipment we have to offer.

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