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Why Cloud Computing Is the Future of a Post-COVID World
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Why Cloud Computing Is the Future of a Post-COVID World

Throughout the past few years, every industry has had to adjust and adapt their business operations to accommodate the ‘new normal’ we currently find ourselves in. Safety and health protocols aside, if the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the realization that businesses of all industries need to be flexible and ready to adapt to any circumstances that could impede their communication capabilities.

In the world of telecommunications, implementing cloud-based solutions has not only become a top priority for businesses looking to maximize efficiency and synergy, it’s essentially a basic necessity. From small businesses to massive healthcare organizations, cloud computing has forever changed the way companies can maintain connectivity and productivity amidst unprecedented conditions. Just how cloud-based solutions have evolved in recent years becomes extremely apparent when you consider the following statistics:

  • The cloud computing industry has boomed from a $24.65 billion value in 2010, to over $150 billion as of 2021.
  • Around 67% of network infrastructures around the world are cloud-based.
  • There are currently more than 40 zettabytes (40 trillion gigabytes).of data stored through cloud servers.
  • The average person today uses 36 cloud-based services on a daily basis.

So how exactly does cloud-computing fit into the plans of a post-Covid world? Let’s take a look at why cloud-based telecommunication solutions are the way of the future as we continue to navigate our ways through the pandemic.

Scalable Flexibility

Perhaps the most accommodating aspect of cloud computing is the sheer flexibility businesses have to customize and scale their telecommunications services to suit their needs. When all you need is an internet connection to access any cloud-based services, you can continue to operate as business as normal, even if the pandemic has seemingly made our working environments anything but.

There are so many customizable features with cloud computing that allows companies to only incorporate the services that are applicable to their performance and productivity standards. For starters, there’s seemingly infinite data storage options that automatically back themselves up in the event of any hardware shortage or digital equipment failure.

There’s also multiple cloud computing service models (SaaS: Software as a Service, PaaS: Platform as a Service, and IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service) designed to accommodate the maintenance and management needs of businesses of all sizes. The bottom line: Nothing helps businesses adapt to any communication, performance, or managerial challenges like cloud-based technology.

Cost-Effective Security

Keeping your company’s information and data safe and secure is a relatively priceless priority. But with cloud-computing services, your system automatically boosts its security features with unparalleled 24/7/365 threat monitoring and detection tools.

For starters, hardware and software failures will never result in any files or data loss, because your cloud-hosted system is equipped with automated networked backups. Most cloud security also comes standard with proactive cybersecurity monitoring and traffic disbursement tactics to minimize any risk of virus or malware infection. With all of these security features and 24/7 emergency contact services included in most cloud-computing networks, you can quickly reduce your cybersecurity spending to allow for more cost-effective data protection.

Superior Collaboration

One of the biggest concerns most businesses faced in the initial beginnings of the pandemic was how remote working would impact productivity and synergy performance. Needless to say, cloud-based solutions have essentially made workplace collaboration more efficient and accessible than ever before.

Video conferencing, cloud-based business phone systems, instant sharing and data distribution; all of these common cloud-based services make it possible for people around the globe to work together, regardless of what’s happening in the outside world. Cloud computing also delivers automated maintenance and software updates, meaning your cloud-based services are always operating at maximum efficiency and performance. Without cloud-computing solutions, it’s simply hard to comprehend exactly how most businesses would have survived the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cloud-Based Solutions From Telecom Technologies

Keeping your employees on the same page has never been easier with cloud-based services and solutions. At Telecom Technologies, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative telecommunications equipment to suit the specific needs of clients from all industries. When you need superior telecommunications solutions to improve your company’s performance and efficiency, contact Telecom Technologies today to schedule a consultation with our telecommunications experts!

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