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Pros & Cons of Wide Angle IP Cameras
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Pros & Cons of Wide Angle IP Cameras

More and more industries are starting to utilize Internet-Protocol (IP) cameras, as they continue to prove themselves to be one of the more cost-effective commercial surveillance technologies currently available on the market. Wide angle IP cameras in particular have specifically grown in popularity, due to their ability to proficiently cover more expansive commercial settings, such as parking lots, storage units, and other types of larger public and private properties.

While every type of business has its own security needs and solutions, understanding the preventive properties that wide angle IP cameras have to offer can help more businesses obtain the necessary commercial security equipment to protect their property.

If you’re curious about upgrading your company’s commercial security cameras, check out these pros and cons of installing wide angle IP cameras onto your premises.

Pros of Wide Angle IP Cameras

Expansive Field of View

There’s a reason these are the types of security cameras that most businesses use to survey more expansive areas. Wide angle IP cameras can cover anywhere between 180 to 360 degrees or higher, depending on the focal length of the lens and image sensor size.

This gives anyone a bigger, better picture when reviewing security footage, rather than having to jump back and forth between multiple camera angles to find whatever it is you’re looking for.

Easy Installation & Operation

Mount, connect, and observe. That’s about all it takes to install a wide angle IP camera system, which saves you plenty of time and energy as opposed to installing an analog security camera system.

If your network infrastructure is safe, sound, and secure, installing and operating wide angle IP cameras is a breeze, and will ultimately require way less maintenance and upkeep than other common security camera setups.

Cloud-Based Storage Capabilities

It’s easy to argue that the biggest advantage wide angle IP cameras has to offer is its cloud-based storage and access capabilities. By connecting to your cloud-based provider, you can save every second of all your security footage, and even access and operate it remotely on your phone or mobile device.

You can also instantly share and receive surveillance footage via cloud-based storage, making your security measures as swift and efficient as possible.

Cons of Wide Angle IP Cameras


Because wide-angle lenses cover more surveillance ground, that does leave them more susceptible to potential distortion or interference.

If you’re looking for surveillance equipment that can zero-in and focus on subjects with exceptional clarity, you might want to consider other security camera options, such as more narrow-angle lenses.

Lower Pixel Counts

While wide-angle IP cameras offer more total surveillance coverage of your surroundings, they don’t offer as high of pixel count and general picture quality as other security camera models.

This isn’t to say that wide-angle IP cameras offer inadequate picture quality, but as a more cost-effective surveillance option, you can certainly spend more money elsewhere to ensure you’re receiving the highest pixel count possible.

Superior Surveillance Equipment Courtesy of Telecom Technologies

No one else can assess your commercial security needs and deliver you the best surveillance equipment on the market like we can! At Telecom Technologies, we’ll work directly with you to evaluate which security camera systems will work best for your commercial surroundings, while working within your budgeting and performance needs.

Contact us today to speak directly with one of our commercial security specialists!

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