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5 Things You Need to Know About IP Security Cameras
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5 Things You Need to Know About IP Security Cameras

There have been plenty of advancements in the world of commercial security systems in recent years, particularly in the area of surveillance equipment. One of the more popular security trends that small businesses have been especially keen on has been the rise of Internet Protocol cameras, primarily known as IP cameras.

A simplified definition of IP cameras can be described as a security webcam of sorts, as IP cameras utilize WiFi connections to transmit and receive security data over a company’s network or Internet connection. They’re innovative in the security industry for their cost-effective data storage capabilities, specifically utilizing cloud-based platforms to save, store, and share all captured surveillance footage.

But what truly makes IP security cameras stand out amidst the crowd of innovative telecommunications equipment? Here are five things you need to know about IP security cameras to help equip your business with some of the best security technology money can buy.

1) Higher Definition

The problem with many dated analog security camera systems is the lack of image quality, which can be a problem when needing to review security footage for any investigative purposes. That’s where IP cameras provide an upgrade, capturing security footage in ultimate high definition, with the potential for pristine resolution as high as 16 megapixels for varying camera models.

IP cameras are able to shoot and capture in a higher visual quality because they use wireless digital signals to transmit data, making it easier to capture images in greater detail due to the lack of signal interference. With crystal clear video quality, you can have more confidence in overseeing every facet of your surveillance capabilities, inside and outside of your property or premises.

2) Captured Analytics

In the old days, all you had to go off of captured security footage was whatever it was you saw on the screen. But with advanced IP camera systems, you can now incorporate video analytics into assessing and processing all captured footage.

Today’s IP surveillance camera systems combine AI technology with edge-based analytics, which allows for more accurate detection of people or objects in the camera’s field of view. Facial recognition, vehicle tracking, crowd density, heat maps; having all of these analytics at your fingertips will help speed along any security-related investigations you need to embark upon.

3) Cloud-Based Solutions

So where exactly can you store all this unlimited, high-quality surveillance footage? That’s where IP cameras network connectivity comes in handy, utilizing cloud-based platforms to save, store, and share all of your captured security footage. In addition to unlimited storage potential, cloud-based storage provides users with quick and efficient access to any saved video files, allowing users to instantly access or organize files by date, camera, time, etc.

4) Effortless Maintenance

With clunky, expansive analog security camera systems, the maintenance involved in preserving their connectivity and performance can prove quite overwhelming at times. One of the underrated qualities of IP camera systems is that once they’re set up and installed, there’s basically little to no maintenance required on your end to upkeep their performance. Security patches, software updates; any cybersecurity-related upgrades are usually performed automatically. When it comes to plug-and-play security solutions, IP cameras are essentially in a class all of their own.

5) Cost-Effectiveness

For many small businesses, spending a fortune on proactive security measures is a financial obligation most owners or managers want to avoid. IP camera systems allow for a more cost-effective security investment, especially due to their scalability features. You can add-on or reduce your cameras, storage options, or cloud-based access as much as you please, in order to better align with your budgetary needs. When it comes to a more affordable commercial security system, it’s hard to find a more cost-efficient solution than IP cameras.

Custom Commercial Security Solutions From Telecom Technologies

At Telecom Technologies, we know that every business has their own specific security needs in order to keep their enterprise as safe and secure as possible. That’s why we work directly with all of our clients to only offer them the necessary commercial security solutions that align with their preventative objectives and budgetary constraints. If you’re looking to upgrade your commercial security system, contact Telecom Technologies today to schedule a consultation with our team of telecommunications specialists!

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