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4 Ways You Can Optimize Your Company’s Network Cable Infrastructure
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4 Ways You Can Optimize Your Company’s Network Cable Infrastructure

No matter what industry your company operates within, ensuring your network cable infrastructure is as optimized as possible will only work toward enhancing your communicative and connectivity capabilities.

Whether you’re preparing for a network cable installation or you’re reconsidering your current IT operations, there’s never a wrong time to consider reevaluating your network cable infrastructure. Improving energy-efficiency, boosting network performance, refining accessibility for maintenance and repairs; all of these different upgrades are possible when you can reassess your network infrastructure design and see which aspects of it could use revamping.

So how do you approach sorting out how to create a more organized and efficient network cable structure?

Here are four ways you can reconfigure and optimize your network cable infrastructure and drastically improve your company’s telecommunications performance.

1. Consider Your Environmental and Architectural Factors

One of the more common shortcomings with many network infrastructure designs is that their cabling system complicates the working environment instead of complementing it.

Whether you installed your network cable infrastructure yourself or through a professional, you need to ensure that the system was installed to accommodate the specific floor plan, spacing, and architectural traits. Cable length, router access, magnetic interference; All of these environmental and architectural factors play a pivotal role into the performance of your network infrastructure.

Be sure to hire a reputable telecommunications consultant to walk you through an on-site assessment of your premises to determine any possible areas of improvement that can enhance optimization.

2. Perform an IT Audit

Before reassessing your company’s network cable infrastructure, performing an IT audit will enlighten you to any areas of improvement that could be utilized for optimizing your system.

A few common types of IT audits you can perform include:

  • System and Application Performance: Performance test to ensure that all IT systems and applications are up-to-date, working efficiently, and secure for all levels of activity.
  • Architecture Assessment: Thorough examination to determine if IT equipment is properly structured to accommodate its environment.
  • Telecommunications and Security Evaluation: Inspect all servers, hardware, and telecommunications equipment to ensure optimal security performance.

3. Professional IT Training and Support

Enlisting the services of a qualified IT specialist can help train and educate you and your staff as to how to optimize your network cable infrastructure to its fullest potential. Allotting a few hours a week to walk through various IT practices, software tutorials, or maintenance and repair practices will keep all your employees afloat on how to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Before hiring an outside agency to provide IT training and support, be sure to review their qualifications and certifications, so you can be sure they’re a sufficient resource.

4. Upgrade Your Cabling Organization

A disorganized network cabling system is a telltale sign of an inefficient IT infrastructure. Color coding, labeling, cable racks, or other organizational accessories should be implemented and utilized for every network infrastructure design.

Your cable network should be as accessible and well-laid out as possible, making any telecommunications maintenance or repair work as simple as possible.

Optimize Your Network Cable Infrastructure with Telecom Technologies

Having expert network cabling installers in your corner will do wonders for helping your company assess and evaluate its network connectivity and performance needs. At Telecom Technologies, we boast over 30 years of telecommunications experience, working with clients from a number of industries to ensure their network cable infrastructure is as optimized as possible.

For all your cabling network and IT needs, contact Telecom Technologies today to schedule a consultation with our telecommunications specialists!

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