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How Verkada & the Cloud Are Changing the Security Camera Industry
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How Verkada & the Cloud Are Changing the Security Camera Industry

In recent years, more small businesses are starting to reevaluate their business security systems, to make sure they’re truly addressing their specific surveillance needs. As research shows that properties that install security cameras are 300% safer from break-ins or forced entries than properties without surveillance equipment, knowing all the latest innovations in the security camera industry could make the difference between proficient protection and risky vulnerability.

One of our premier partners in commercial security solutions is Verkada, an industry leader in security camera manufacturing. Over the last decade, Verkada has revolutionized the world of surveillance equipment by implementing cloud-based management capabilities into their innovative security camera models.

From reducing hardware components for storing surveillance data to providing more cost-effective security solutions for small businesses, let’s take a closer look at how Verkada utilized cloud-based technologies to change the security camera industry for the better.

Centralized Management System

All in one – three words that let everyone know they’re in for an accessible, accommodating user experience. Verkada cloud-based security cameras emphasize a centralized management system that provides users with safe and secure access from just about anywhere in the world.

From their command platform overview dashboard, businesses can access, manage, and control every aspect of their cloud-based security camera system, with features ranging from:

  • Adjustable user permission and access control
  • Remote access and control from any mobile device
  • Save and search for footage via date, time, or motion
  • Real-time alerts if any interference activity occurs or cameras go offline
  • Automatic security and software updates
  • Live alerts for any suspicious activity detected

People & Vehicle Analytics

Verkada’s cloud-based security cameras don’t just capture and store surveillance footage; They analyze it.

Utilizing cutting edge video processing technology, Verkada security cameras allow users to search for people or vehicles of interest from a variety of features or attributes, such as:

  • Uploading images and scanning storage for any footage capturing any given subject
  • Search through attributed filters, such as gender appearance, clothing colors, clothing accessories, facial matches, and more 
  • Sort through matched people or vehicles across all of your security footage with cross-camera search capabilities
  • Set up text message or email notifications if any subjects or vehicles of interest are captured on footage
  • Create a person of interest by uploading an image or existing face from your photo library

Such innovative surveillance features will drastically reduce any investigative research time and speed up your security processes.

Scalable Features & Tools

Every business has their own security needs and general performance traits they need to work around with their security camera systems. One of the more accommodating features of Verkada cloud-based security cameras are all the scalable tools and resources available that are intended to make the most of your surveillance performance.

For starters, every Verkada camera is extremely bandwidth-friendly, generally using only 5-20 Kbps per camera, so your internet connectivity and performance isn’t compromised.

You can also scale your stored footage to thousands of security camera systems across any locations, and you won’t have to add any extra equipment to support any additional cameras you wish to install.

Easy Installation & Usage

No wires, no software downloads, no getting on your hands and knees; Verkada security cameras are specifically designed for a simple, straightforward installation process, as well as extremely accessible usage. You can do away with hooking up any NVRs, DVRs, or additional servers, as all you need is a wireless internet connection to get the ball rolling.

Best of all, there’s no training required to start capturing and storing footage, and the centralized, all-in-one user dashboard allows you to instantly find, download, or send all recorded footage from any device.

Reputable Reliability

Verkada has been establishing their presence as an industry leader in the commercial security world for many years now, which is why all of the security cameras they have to offer include a 10-year warranty.

Plus, there are no hidden costs associated with any installation or upgrade efforts, as every required software upgrade is automatically installed, and all new features are added free of charge.

Secure Your Premises With Verkada Security Cameras

At Telecom Technologies, we’re proud to provide top quality commercial security products to clients from all industries. We recommend Verkada security cameras to any business that’s looking for effective, cost-efficient security solutions that are easy to use and install.

Contact us today to learn more about all the innovative security products Verkada has to offer!

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