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4 Advantages of Cloud-Based Access Control Systems
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4 Advantages of Cloud-Based Access Control Systems

Flexibility, convenience, security; cloud-based solutions offer these traits and so many more through innovative technologies that cater to today’s telecommunications needs. And when it comes to commercial security systems, cloud-based access control systems are quickly becoming the preferred, future-proof investment for businesses of a wide variety of industries.

As opposed to traditional on-premise systems that require hardware or software to be installed on your premises or property, cloud-based access control systems equip businesses with remote management capabilities, enhancing their security management resources. From property managers to federal or local government agencies, more enterprises are continuing to switch over to cloud-based access control systems, along with other general cloud-computing services.

Curious how cloud-based access management can benefit your business?

Check out these four innovative advantages cloud-based access control systems have to offer!

1. Remote Management From Anywhere, Anytime

As you’re probably already aware, cloud-computing allows users to access, edit, or share essential information from essentially anywhere in the world. The same accessibility applies to cloud-based access control systems.

Cloud-computing grants you unprecedented access to overseeing every facet of your commercial security system, all from the convenience of your laptop, smartphone, or mobile device. From one all-encompassing cloud-accessed dashboard, you can control your security system from anywhere, anytime – without having to rely on network configurations or a designated workstation.

You don’t even have to be on-site to let someone into your property or premises, as remote unlock capabilities give you more flexibility to let in anyone from delivery employees or vendor contacts.

2. Reduce Hardware and Equipment Dependency

On-premise access security systems often require immense hardware, equipment, or software installation, which inevitably will also need routine maintenance or repair work to ensure optimal performance. With cloud-based access management, you’ll practically eliminate your dependency on security hardware or equipment, reducing any instances of technological malfunctions or system failures.

Cloud-based access control systems equip you with dozens of innovative features and resources that don’t require significant hardware installation, including:

  • Remote unlock or contactless unlock capabilities
  • Text or email guest passes to visitors
  • Automated system of software updates via cloud servers
  • No wiring or cabling systems
  • Set up unlock-technology via Bluetooth, WiFi, or Cellular signals
  • Custom security reports via smartphone or mobile device
  • Seamless integration options for your current security systems

The less you have to depend on on-premise equipment or systems, the less you’ll have to worry about maintenance costs or frequent repairs.

3. Scalable Security Solutions

Every business owner has their own security needs that fluctuate over time. That’s where cloud-based access control systems come in handy, providing more scalable security solutions that can immediately be applied to your current security setup. Adding new access locations, door entries, or security passes can be achieved in a few clicks of a mouse or swipes on your smartphone.

You can even centralize all of your cloud-based security features into your current network infrastructure design, allowing for a seamless integration of all your cloud-based access tools.

4. Improve ROI Over Time

The less security equipment or hardware you have to invest in over time, the more ROI you’re going to inherit moving forward. In today’s world of innovative security services, installing expensive on-premise security hardware will inevitably become dated technology in as little as a few years.

By utilizing cloud-based security solutions, any software or technology updates are automatically downloaded and installed, and all tools can be completely customized to suit your specific security needs.

Bottom line: More flexible security options means less spending on your overall security ventures in the future.

Cloud-Based Solutions From Telecom Technologies

To find more flexible, cost-efficient security services, your business needs a professional assessment and evaluation of your current security practices. At Telecom Technologies, we work directly with businesses of all sizes and industries to evaluate their security needs and present cloud-based solutions that adhere to their exact specifications and budgetary requirements.

When you need scalable commercial security systems that are designed to protect your business, contact Telecom Technologies today to schedule a consultation with our commercial security specialists!

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